Duties of a Lessor in a Lease Contract in Zimbabwe


A lease contract is a legally binding agreement between a lessor (property owner) and a lessee (tenant) that outlines the terms and conditions of the rental property. In Zimbabwe, the law requires the lessor to fulfill certain duties to maintain the rental property and provide a safe and habitable living environment for the lessee. In this article, we`ll discuss the duties of a lessor in a lease contract in Zimbabwe.

1. Provide a safe and habitable living environment:

The most fundamental responsibility of a lessor is to provide a safe, secure, and comfortable living environment for the tenant. This includes ensuring that the leased property is structurally sound and free from any health hazards. The lessor must maintain the property`s plumbing, electrical, and heating systems to ensure they are in good working condition.

2. Pay property taxes and other fees:

The lessor must pay all property taxes and other fees that are legally required. Failure to pay taxes could result in fines, penalties, or even property seizure. In Zimbabwe, landlords are required to pay property taxes annually, and the tenant is not responsible for paying them.

3. Make necessary repairs:

The lessor must make repairs to the leased property as necessary. This includes fixing anything that is broken or damaged due to normal wear and tear. The lessor must also address any safety hazards or health concerns promptly. It is the landlord`s responsibility to ensure that the property is habitable.

4. Allow for peaceful and quiet enjoyment:

The lessor must allow the tenant to peacefully enjoy the rented property without interference. The landlord cannot enter the rented property without notice or consent, except in certain circumstances, such as an emergency. The landlord also cannot evict a tenant without following the proper legal procedures.

5. Provide basic amenities:

The lessor is responsible for providing basic amenities necessary for the tenant to enjoy the leased property. This includes water, electricity, and gas, if applicable. The landlord must ensure that these utilities are available and in good working condition.

6. Disclose any defects or issues:

The lessor must disclose any defects or issues with the rented property. This includes informing the tenant of any environmental hazards like asbestos or lead paint. The landlord must also disclose any issues with the property that could impact the tenant`s quality of life.


A lease contract is a legally binding agreement that outlines the responsibilities of both the lessor and lessee. In Zimbabwe, the lessor has several duties, including providing a safe and habitable living environment, making necessary repairs, and paying property taxes and fees. The lessor must also allow for peaceful and quiet enjoyment of the property and disclose any defects or issues with the property. These duties are essential to maintaining a positive tenant-landlord relationship and ensuring that both parties are satisfied with the lease agreement.

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